Family Dentistry

Do you know that it is recommended by the Canadian Dental Association for an infant to be taken to the dentist upon the arrival of their first tooth?  It's true!!! We invite all new parents, parents of young children and older children alike to come visit our unique kid's room at Woodbridge Square Dental Clinic.  In a cozy and comfortable environment, decorated just for kids, the dentist will start the very important "child's first visit" with a ride on our comfy chair, and if possible, the dentist will then count the child's teeth, all in a very friendly and fun way.  This first visit is very beneficial for the parents and caregivers, as a lot of information will be discussed regarding proper oral hygiene, healthy snacking, how to prevent cavities and the importance of establishing routines surrounding dental care. Our goal is to establish a "happy dental home" for our little child patients, so that they look forward to their next visit with us!

We also look forward to treating your school-aged children, tweens, teens and young adults! We will care for their teeth as they go through all the stages of dental development.  We sometimes need to refer your child for an orthodontic assessment or, later on, for the possible extraction of their wisdom teeth.  We want to be there for all your children's life stages, helping them to attain and maintain a healthy dentition for life!

Many adult patients have a great fear of the dentist or they only come to see us when they are having a specific concern.  We always welcome new patients, emergency patients, patients who haven't seen the dentist in a long time and those who may stay away due to fear or other personal reasons.  Please come visit us, ask for a tour of the office and you will immediately feel welcomed and comfortable.  Our goal is to provide excellent service in a calm and reassuring manner.  We want you to be in excellent dental health so you can have a beautiful smile for many years to come.  We will try to educate you on the importance of keeping regular cleaning appointments in order to prevent future problems with your teeth. 

We also welcome seniors to our practice.  We really try to educate our senior patients of the potential problems they may encounter with their teeth that could be due to their medications.  Multiple missing teeth can lead to eating problems, loss of interest in eating, or even more serious malnutrition and weight loss.  It is so important for our seniors to take care of their oral health and we are here to help!  Let us talk to you about replacing missing teeth, tips for a dry mouth and how best to brush teeth effectively to prevent tooth decay.